MAS (Ltd Ed) >> SF

MAS ATTACK: 2 [Mutual Appreciation Society]

London, UK - 5-8 March, 2014

Los Angeles, US - 3-5 April, 2014


Artra Curatorial (USA) and Campbell Works (UK) present:

PROJECT LALO -  An exchange between galleries in Los Angeles and London 2014


Project LALO is an international exchange between dynamic emerging contemporary art spaces in London and Los Angeles. ARTRA Curatorial has partnered with Campbell Works, in London, to bring this 10 venue event to both cities - March in London and April in Los Angeles. 


Click HERE for exhibition info and list of artists.

Opening Receptions:


Los Angeles, US:


Thursday 3rd April




Friday 4th April






Saturday 5th April



JAUS, 6:30pm-9:30pm


London, UK:


Wednesday 5th March, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Thursday 6th March, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Friday 7th March

CAMPBELL WORKS, 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

PROJECT NUMBER, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Saturday  8th March, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm



MAS (Ltd Ed) >> San Francisco

Saturday 8th February, 2014


STUDIO 17, 5pm-11pm

3265 17th Street, Fourth Floor,

San Francisco, CA 94110.




Shiva Aliabadi

Kireilyn Barber

Nick Brown

Daniela Campins

Miri Chais

Emily Counts

Lisa DeSmidt

Mark Dutcher

Cliff Eberly

Helen Garber

Rema Ghuloum

Paul Gillis

Kio Griffith

Michelle Carla Handel

Elana Melissa Hill

Ben Jackel

Kiel Johnson

William Kaminski

Bessie Kunath

Claudia Morales McCain

Chris Mercier

Lisa Oxley

Calvin Phelps

Max Presneill

Jason Ramos

Rachel Stiff

Chris Trueman

Mike Vegas

Tessie Whitmore

Steven Wolkoff



Elisabeth Ajtay

Marisa Aragona

Josh Barone

Carissa Potter Carlson

Ann Diener

Robert Donald

Larry Gipe

John Graham

David Marc Grant

Casey Gray

Scott Greenwalt

Jennie Lennick

Leora Lutz

Whitney Lynn

Andrew McClintock

Andréanne Michon

Robert Minervini

Nicky Nargesian

Mitsu Okubo

Thomas Ortiz

Michelle Ramin

Jovi Schnell

Tamra Seal

Jenny Sharaf

Sarah Tell

Mark Van Proyen

Ingrid V. Wells

Katherine Westerhout

Michal W. Wisniowski

Sandy Yagi



Las Vegas, NV - TBA


Salt Lake City, UT - TBA


Santa Fe, NM - TBA


About ARTRA Curatorial and the MAS Exhibitions


In 2013 Artra Curatorial ( staged 2 MAS ATTACK events in Los Angeles. Each held well over 100 artists. These events consist of a one-night-only exhibition which is aimed at providing artists with a sense of community, contacts and networking, as well as a chance to meet new faces, catch up with old friends and to be seen. They are constructed by Artra as a kind of relational-aesthetics type of participatory engagement, as the focus is upon the interactions of the participants (we do not select the artworks for these, only the artists to invite, who decide what they want to bring) rather than the actual art works displayed. The installation is in an informal Salon style. We do not deal with any commercial galleries - artists must deliver the works themselves and must be present at the opening to be able to participate. They are open to the public who get to see a host of new works, meet the artists in a relaxed and fun mode and to partake in the vibe.


Over 3000 people in total attended these 2 nights. Now Artra have decided to take the show on the road and stage mini-MAS ATTACKS which we are calling MAS (Ltd Ed). With this new series of events we stage them at various locations around the western half of the country (for now) and partner with people and spaces to host them. They follow the same basic formula - one night only - with the artists being selected 50% by Artra and 50% by the host venue/partners and hung in a crowded salon-style. We look for venues that can host a minimum of around 60 artist's works with plenty of white walls. The spaces do not need to be gallery spaces nor particularly elegant - gritty or industrial works for us too. Artra arranges all shipping and logistics for the LA artists and help install/deinstall the show.No sales are allowed - we want to remove any cause of anxiety and to encourage the right atmosphere of an artist centric event. ALL artists included from LA MUST attend the opening to be included, as must the host city's artists. The 'road trip' aspect is documented as we hope to make a film from these trips - somewhere between a documentary and an episode of The Monkees!


We expect that long term working relationships will develop from these and to see a connection built that can be leveraged in the future to produce further projects and exchanges between the two cities.


So far we have them planned for locations in Arizona and Utah with the first one in San Francisco in February - the 8th of 2014, at Studio 17. As Artra are also organizing 2014 shows in London (March) & LA (April) - both as part of Project LALO, China (Sept) and Paris (Oct) we see these 'localized' events as a great balance to the international exchanges we have been building.

Shiva Aliabadi

Tania Jazz Alvarez

Shagha Ariannia

Christine Morla Armstrong

Josh Atlas

Daniel Axe

Nadege Monchera Baer

Claire Baker

Edith Beaucage

Lili Bernard

Andrea Bersaglieri

Philippa Blair

Rochelle Botello

Ashley Bravin

Andrea Breiling

Tony Brown

Anita Bunn

Gavin Bunner

Sky Burchard

Nicole Capps 

Matthew Carter

Cole Case

Srijon Chowdhury

Helen Chung

Colin Cook

Alex Couwenberg

Katy Cowan

Cherie Benner Davis

Kenturah Davis

David Michael De Boer

Veronica Duarte

Tom Dunn

Clifford Eberly

Alec Egan

Cathy Ellis

Crystal Erlendson

Kristine Faragher

Sarajo Frieden

Kristin Frost

Simone Gad

Aaron Giesel

Paul Gillis

Eban Goff

Ed Gomez

Julia Haft-Candell

Jenny Hager

Teale Hatheway

Karma Henry


Elana Melissa Hill

Darren Hostetter

Carmine Iannoccone

Bryan Ida

Ichiro Irie

Brian Jones

Kohl King

John Koller

Elana Kundell

Olga Lah

Bonnie Lane

Connie Lane

Marion Lane

Ian Larson

Alexander Lemke

Susan Lizotte

Dana Maiden

Barry Markowitz

William May

Danielle McCullough

Jon Measures

Kathleen Melían

Christopher Mercier

Christina Mesiti


Robert Moya

Argishti Musakhanyan

Hagop Najarian

Mark Nelson

Hung Viet Nguyen

David O'Brien

John O'Brien

Devon Oder

Amy Oliver

Julie Orr

Lisa Oxley

Peter Park

Bob Pece

Adrian de la Pena

Sabine Perlman

Cleon Peterson

Mike Pierzynski

Jason Ramos

Courtney Reid

Chris Reynolds

Ana Rodriguez

Julia Schwartz

Cory Sewelson

Becca Shewmake



Chris Silva

Emily Silver

Mahara Sinclaire

David Spanbock

Curtis Stage

Gina Stepaniuk

Allison Stewart

Rachel Stiff

Theodore Svenningsen

Lisa Tchakmakian

Juan Thorpe

Ian Trout

Paul Urban

Mike Vegas

Feodor Voronov

Curtis Weaver

Dana Weiser

Cathy Weiss

Marisa Williamson

Tessie Whitmore

Steven Wolkoff

Essi Zimm


Photos courtesy of Marlen Picard. 

Visit her facebook page to view more great shots:

Massive Crowds Take Over the Torrance Art Museum on October 26th for MAS ATTACK: 2

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